Crazy Idea Time | A Month of Blog Posts

In a recent training call we were all given a challenge for posting on social daily. While that may seem like a challenge, for us we had to up the ante a bit since we already post on most of our platforms daily. This brought about a crazy idea that I talked about with Tony. What if we did a blog post every day for the next 30 days? After saying that I immediately had push back of woah maybe that’s too crazy. Which is exactly why we are going to do it, so you will be hearing a bit more from us over the next month.

With all of this being said, we would love to hear from all of you. Are there any topics you want us to dive a bit more into? Are there any questions you would like us to answer? Do you want more recipe, cooking tips, meal planning advice, personal posts? Our goal in this challenge is not just to meet the daily post, but to also add value for all of our readers.

Over the next 30 days here is a bit of what you can expect in our post topics.

  1. More Recipes and Cooking (of course)
  2. Meal Planning Tips: these will be focused on some of our recent FB lives from our group.
  3. Allergy Cooking
  4. Holiday Cooking Guide and Tips
  5. Cooking as a Family
  6. Personal, Behind the Scenes and Lifestyle
  7. Our Upcoming Course
  8. Healthy Eating

We are excited to see where these next 30 days brings us and hope you follow along with us on our journey. If you haven’t joined our Facebook group Meal Planning for Busy Parents yet, please check it out HERE. That is where you can find our community and easily chat with us. We also go live every Friday to answer your questions and talk about all kinds of cooking and meal planning topics. We’ll see you tomorrow!

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