Set Yourself up For Success in Meal Planning | Have a Purpose

Whether you’re just starting out or you have been meal planning for a while it’s important to know why you are doing it. This creates purpose within your meal planning and in turn allows you to set goals and track them. With all of those in place you are on a great track for meal planning success!

Purpose Equals Focus, Clarity and a Path Forward

Some of the top reasons our clients have wanted to meal plan have been to save time, be healthier, and stay on budget. Time saving in mind, your focus would be to have simpler recipes which generally means faster cook time and minimal ingredients. Working to be healthier? Your focus would be to have a balanced meal with whole foods. If budget is your purpose, you will want to utilize simple recipes and also learn more about seasonal cooking and ingredients. Of course, these are just some simple implementations that can be done for each of these purposes, but with a purpose there is no question on what’s the point.

When you have no question on why you are doing something, there is a strong sense of clarity in it. There is a process to move forward and while it may take time, it is right there in front of you. This gives you the space to set up goals to hit along the way to create small and BIG wins!

Focus, clarity and goals to track along the way create a great road map to follow to your big goals of meal planning confidence. They also add on a layer of strength to keep you going on your meal planning journey. It’s very easy to quit at the beginning, but as you continue to add on work it starts to be easier to continue forward instead. That’s why getting small wins is so helpful in keeping up with the work. What is your purpose in meal planning? Let us know in the comments.


Meal planning, like all new things can seem like a lot of work at first. That’s why we share all of this, as experts in not just culinary but also meal planning. We are here to help you along your meal planning journey.

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