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Beignets for Beginners

Re-create your favorite magical sweet treat at home!

What if you didn’t have to wait until your next trip to Florida to enjoy the delicious sweetness of beignets?

With Beignets for Beginners, learn to prep, fry, and powder your own beignets around your dinner (or breakfast) table, virtually side-by-side with professional chefs.

Tell us if this sounds like you-  

You love beignets and want to enjoy them more often

You are tired of trying recipes on that pinning site, to only flop, again and again

You’d like someone to actually show you how to recreate beignets with their best practices and troubleshooting tips

What if there was a way to create good-looking AND delicious beignets from the comfort of your home?

That’s exactly why we created Beignets for Beginners!  We wanted you to look like beignet pros in your own kitchen.

Hi there, We’re Tony and Melissa Badeaux-Shepherd.

We’re personal chefs who have worked professionally for over 25 years combined at local mom-and-pop restaurants, the biggest Orlando theme parks, and our own culinary business.  Melissa has her Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management and Tony is Serve Safe Certified.  Most importantly, though, we have created dozens upon dozens of the amazing beignets you have enjoyed on your visits to the Orlando area.

We’re peeling back the curtain on how we make these delicious treats, because we feel that being at the most magical place on earth is not the only place you should be able to enjoy them.  

We also believe that making beignets can be a simple and uncomplicated process.

We created Beignets for Beginners to be your professional chef guides in your back pocket, to help you simply, and with lots of fun, create beignets from your home kitchen. 

And why now?  Well for one–you’ve been asking for our guidance and two–because no better time to start perfecting your skills as we head into the summer season, where you may have plenty of time to perfect your skills with family visitors or neighborhood friends coming by.

Also, we love nothing more than helping you get around the kitchen table sharing memories, funny moments, and culinary delights with each other.

So what’s in it for you?

Videos to guide you along every step of the way

Our Two Chef Mission Beignet Recipe

A Grocery List, so you know exactly what to pick up at the store, an Equipment Checklist, with suggested substitutions, to help you be well-prepared for your next beignet cooking event!

Right now you are struggling with…

Wanting to relive your magical memories at home

Yet, unable to find just the right recipes and instruction

You have not had previous success creating beignets at home

And you may not be feeling too confident in the kitchen to get these done just right

Imagine if you..

Knew the insider tips and tricks the professionals use

Had them guiding you at each step in the beignet prep

Beautifully recreated the magic of beignets right in your home kitchen

Here’s what you’ll get in Beignets for Beginners:

  • Our own personal recipe card for how we make our beignets
  • A grocery shopping list to pick up all the necessary ingredients
  • A kitchen equipment checklist to make sure you have all the tools needed
  • Videos with our fun, yet professional guidance on making beignets in your home
But that’s not all…

In addition to all these beignet-making basics, you’ll also receive….

-Our special dietary needs cheat sheet with suggested substitutions

-Recipes to spice up your beignets throughout the year, including special sugars and syrups

Who is Beignets for Beginners for:

The Budding Chef looking to impress their family and friends with a staple recipe

The Novice Chef looking to learn a new skill in the kitchen

The Magical Chef who is really missing their last dreamy vacation

Don’t worry, we’ll still pamper you on your next visit to the Orlando area.

But until then, we’d thought you’d enjoy being able to cook up delicious beignets in the comfort of your own home.

And really, why wait until your next visit?

So here’s how this works…

Grab Beignets for Beginners at the button below.

Check your inbox for the link to log in and get started!

Prep your ingredients and tools using our recipe card, shopping list, and equipment checklist.

Cook your own magical beignets in the comfort of your own home.

Imagine the beignets you’ll be cooking…

For the summer holidays like Fourth of July.

For the fall season, especially with our bonus fall-spiced seasoning recipe.

For every day, because now you have access to our top tips and insights for creating delicious beignets around your table.

We’re so excited for you!

FAQs about Beignets for Beginners

Is this Beignet Class really for Beginners?

Yes, as you will have professional chefs guiding you in the course. While there might be some steps or ingredients that may seem difficult, we have really broken down each part of the process to make it as fool-proof as possible.

Do I need a chef background?

Nope! You just need our guidance as your professional chefs.

Can I buy Beignets for Beginners, try it, then ask for a refund?

Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase.

When does Beignets for Beginners start?

Just a few minutes after purchase, if you like.  This is a self-paced class and you get access delivered straight to your email.

Will I have access to talk to a live person if I need help?

Yes!  If you ever have any questions, you can make a post in our FB Group, Around the Table with Two Chef Mission. If you’d like specific One-on-One assistance, make sure to upgrade and add the PRIVATE GROUP ZOOM SESSION to your purchase of the course.

Now is the time to stop dreaming and start doing.  Get tangible, uncomplicated, and friendly cooking advice from the pros, to start making beignets in your home kitchen today!

Yes, I’d like to add a PRIVATE GROUP ZOOM SESSION to my order for only $100!

Want some personal troubleshooting tips direct from Chefs Tony and Melissa, live on video?

Block off 2.5-3 hours to get some designated time with Chefs Tony and Melissa to create beignets together, virtually, and have them answer whatever questions you may have every step of the way.   

Only $100 to add–swipe the button right to get this exclusive pricing you won’t find anywhere else!

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The level of professionalism is through the roof and I would 100% recommend Two Chef Mission.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Accommodating allergies, timely and better than I expected!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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They were professional but such heart warming people! I would definitely recommend them always!


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