Healthy Living Simplified

img_2326From the beginning our goal has been to teach how easy and simple healthy living can be. That’s how Two Chef Mission started with Tony and I wanting to take on the mission to help others learn what we have through working closely with food and culinary, but also how we have kept a balance in our life in order to stay fit and healthy as well. Sometimes when we are trying to have a lifestyle change we work to over complicate it or we try to take on too much at once. Our goal for this blog is to help you see that it doesn’t have to be all at once, perfect or one size fits all. We also want to help you see that it takes time and practice. We aren’t perfect so we are always growing and learning more as we go.

We’ll show you how we do it and how we have helped clients shift their lifestyles as well. Of course with a background in culinary you can expect lots of talk on food and recipes, but there will also be talk about life (we just had a baby so that will definitely be in here), how we take the Healthy Living Simplified idea with us everywhere we go, and anything else that fits into living a healthy life.

Tony and I love working with our clients on simplifying their life whether through preparing meals or meal kits, planning private events, offering new recipes and ideas, helping restructure the flow of their kitchens, and much more. With a passion for helping others and wanting to impact as many lives as possible this blog is a perfect way to reach as many people and do just that. We are both raw and real people so expect that here because our goal is to share our lifestyle as organically as possible. Because we want to be able to reach others we would love your feedback on what you like and ways we could help you on your Healthy Living Simplified journey.

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