Dinner of the Fallen Heroes

With such a crazy episode last week, we focus on those that were lost into battle at winterfell. This weeks watch party menu celebrates them while also adding in a little cinco de mayo theme as well. Our menu includes the lord of light margarita, what is dead may never die shrimp ceviche, bear island nachos, and the lord commander sopapillas with Mexican hot chocolate and ice cream.

Lord of Light Margarita

Red Hot Simple Syrup


Raspberry Margarita Mix

Ice (as needed)

Cinnamon Sugar (for the rim)

Line Juice or Water (for the rim)

To make the simple syrup use a small pan and put in read hots and water. Heat and bring to a boil dissolving all the red hots. Chill syrup.

For the margarita dip the rim of your glasses in lime juice and then in the cinnamon sugar. Add in the tequila and margarita mix to your preference. Finish with some of the simple syrup.

What is Dead May Never Die Shrimp Ceviche

1.5 lbs Shrimp (chopped)

2 oz Red Onion (minced)

1 oz Scallions (green tops)

2 each Avocado (diced)

2 each Tomato (diced)

1/2 each Jalapeño (minced)

4-5 each Limes (juice)

1 each Lemon (juice)

1 each Orange (juice)

Cilantro (chopped)

Salt and Pepper as needed

In a bowl toss all ingredients together and let marinate for at least 30 minutes. Adjust seasoning as needed.

Bear Island Nachos

1 bag Tortilla Chips

10 oz Flank Steak (seasoned with paprika, chili powder, cumin, red wine vinegar, pepper and salt)

4-6 oz Shredded Cheese

6 oz Salsa

2 oz Diced Onion

1/2 each Jalapeño (chopped, optional)

4 oz Beans

4 oz Sour Cream

Heat a pan with 1 Tbs oil and sear the steak on each side. Let rest and then dice up.

Organize chips onto a sheet pan. Evenly disperse with steak, onion, jalapeno, and beans. Then top with the salsa and cheese. Broil in the oven until cheese is melted. Finish with sour cream and serve.

Lord Commander Sopapillas

Enjoy the recipes and let us know how they turn out. If you are looking for a themed menu that we should make let us know, we’re always looking for new things to create.

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