Winter is Here

We’re huge Game of Thrones Fans and with the final season beginning of course we needed themed snacks for our weekly watch party. This week our theme is Targaryen so the snacks are as follows; unsullied sausages, deviled dragon eggs, horse heart sliders, and dragon dropping cheese ball bites.

Something I have found in planning and cooking for parties is to go for simple items that taste great but get done in a flash so that you can enjoy the event. These snacks are all simple, quick and delicious making them great for our Sunday get together.

Unsullied Sausages

1 pack Little Smokies Sausages

16-24 oz Barbecue Sauce

10 oz Water

Heat a crock pot on high and add in the sausages and bbq sauce. Thin it out a bit with some water so it can reduce as it heats. Adjust the seasoning as needed.

Note: For the sausages you can use whichever type you want and cut into smaller pieces if needed. The same is said for the barbecue sauce. This recipe is super versatile which makes it so easy. It’s also super simple since its a set it and forget it crock pot dish.

Deviled Dragon Eggs

12 each Eggs

1 oz small Onion (minced)

2 oz Pickles (minced)

1 oz Celery (minced)

As Needed Mayonnaise

2 Tbs Dijon Mustard

To Taste Salt

To Taste Pepper

1 oz Jalapeño (minced)

Paprika (optional garnish)

Hard Boiled Eggs: Put eggs in a pot, cover with water and heat. Bring to a boil, turn off the heat and cover with a lid for 15 minutes. Drain the eggs, shake the eggs in the pot to crack the shells and add cool water the cook them off. Peel eggs, half them and set aside the yolks into a bowl to make the filling. Arrange egg whites on a plate and put in the fridge to continue to chill them down.

For the Filling:

Mash the egg yolks in a bowl and add in the dijon and mayonnaise. Mix in the pickles, onion, celery, jalapeno, salt and pepper. Add more mayonnaise as needed for it to be loose enough to fill the eggs. Adjust seasoning and fill the eggs.

Note: I used a piping bag to fill the eggs but you could also use a spoon to fill them.

Horse Heart Sliders

1 Pack of Rolls (we used Hawaiian Sweet Rolls)

1/2 of an Onion (julienne)

12 each Sausage Patties

6-8 Slices Provolone

Preheat the oven to 350 F

Slice the rolls in half width wise keeping them together so its like a huge sandwich. Set aside for filling it later. (keep it wrapped so it doesn’t start staling)

Heat a saute pan and sear the sausage patties on each side. Once cooked pull out and set aside. Use the same pan to sweat the onions, this will get the flavor from the sausage into the onions. Season them and let them caramelize slightly.

Set the bottom part of the rolls on a sheet tray. Place the sausage patties out with one being on each roll. Disperse the onions out on top of each patty and top with the provolone. Place the top of the rolls on and then toast them in the oven until the cheese is melting and everything is heated through. Pull out of the oven and Sliders are ready to pull apart and serve.

Note: We used breakfast sausage, but you could also use ground meat to make your own patties.

Dragon Dropping Cheese Balls

12 oz Cream Cheese

6 oz Dry Fruit And Nuts (chopped)

4 oz Fresh Herbs (chopped)

Pretzel Sticks

Place chopped nuts and fruit in one bowl, herbs in another bowl, and cream cheese in a third bowl. Using a scoop or spoon scoop cream cheese into balls and then roll/coat them in either the herbs or nut mixture. Serve with pretzels on the side or in each cheese ball.

Note: Any variety of dry fruit, nuts and herbs can be used. For the nuts we used walnuts. For the fruit we did apricots and cranberries. For the herbs we used rosemary, oregano and thyme.

We hope you enjoy the recipes! Let us know how they turn out for you.

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