Welcome to November!

We are back! If you have been following along during our 30 days of blog posts journey, you know we were preparing to move. We took a couple of days off to get everything set for our recent selling of our house and moving into our new home.

While we get everything situated in our new house, we will be sharing some more of what is coming during this month including some great holiday cooking tips. We know we are super excited for the holiday season and all the comfy cooking it brings, and we hope all of you are too!

Yesterday we were happy to get to spend some time with our kiddos going trick or treating. They had a ton of fun (ignore our oldest’s sad face, he didn’t want to take the picture) getting to be batman and the hulk. How was everyone else’s Halloween?

If you haven’t joined our Facebook group Meal Planning for Busy Parents yet, please check it out HERE. That is where you can find our community and easily chat with us. We also go live every Friday to answer your questions and talk about all kinds of cooking and meal planning topics. We’ll see you tomorrow!

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