Behind the Scenes: October

Todays post will be a quick update on us. Life has been a bit hectic this past month in both our personal and business lives. As if having our 3rd child a few months ago wasn’t enough of a change, we recently decided to sell our house so we are currently in the final stages of packing to move. While this change will be big and crazy for a bit, we are excited for it.

In the world of Two Chef Mission, we have been busy continuing to make content to share with all of you and working on growing ourselves as business owners. We are always looking to continue to learn in every aspect of our lives and that has definitely been a focus for us over the past few months.

We have also been working on some exciting things on meal planning. As parents we have had to figure out the best ways to cook at home, stick to a budget and follow a plan so that we can work efficiently and spend time together as a family. Since we are chefs, this has been a bit easier for us because we can just implement certain aspects of what we do everyday for work and for other clients into our own lives. That’s where we have grown the idea of sharing our tips, skills and plans with you and we can’t wait to share more on that a little later.

If you’re still reading with us, we hope you enjoyed a little look into our daily life here and will catch you in the next post!

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