Marinated Ribeye Steak Salad

As parents of 2 and soon to be 3, quick and easy meals are a go to for us. This steak salad recipe is exactly that with a lot of flavor pack in. We hope you enjoy trying out this recipe!

Marinated Ribeye Steak Salad

Serves 4

4 Ribeye Steaks

3-4 Garlic Cloves (chopped)

2 Tbs Fresh Rosemary (chopped)

2 oz Balsamic Vinegar

1.5 oz Olive Oil

1.5 Tbs Dijon Mustard

Kosher Salt and Black Pepper

2 heads Romaine Lettuce (washed and chopped)

6 oz Cherry Tomatoes (halved)

1/2 Bell Pepper (sliced)

2 oz Kalamata Olives (optional)



Toss the steaks in a ziplock or container with garlic, rosemary, balsamic, olive oil, and dijon. Let marinate about 30 minutes to a few hours.

Toss the lettuce, tomatoes, and bell pepper together and set aside.

Heat a grill pan or sauté pan on high. Season and sear steaks about 3-4 minutes on each side or to your preferred doneness. Let rest about 5 minutes and the slice thinly for the salad.

Toss Salad with your preferred vinaigrette (we recommend Greek or balsamic) and top with olives and steak.


For the lettuce you could also use a mix like we did of butter lettuce, spinach and arugula. For the vinaigrette you can use your preferred dressing. Since this was a quick recipe we used a Greek dressing that we had on hand.

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