Go with the Flow

This past weekend threw another curve ball at us. Not only did I catch a bug (causing me to be out of commission for 2 days), but so did Wyatt. It’s one thing for me to get sick, but it’s entirely new to have to watch Wyatt go through it too. That being said the past few days have been filled with all the mommy, daddy and puppy cuddles (our dogs Artemis and Athena have to make sure we’re ok too) while we get better.

Now in the grand scheme of things 2 days isn’t really too bad, but as a business owner that meant getting behind in a number of areas of work. Because of this I was really frustrated about not being able to work and kept worrying about what I was getting behind on. Of course we all know that doesn’t help with getting better, so I eventually had to give in to the fact that I needed to relax and take care of myself.

With all of this in mind I want to focus this post on self care because I think a lot of the time we overlook it. I know for myself I put relaxing and taking a break on the back burner for another day. I also have to admit that I’m also someone that is the I’ll relax when I’m “successful” type, but what does “successful” mean. We already have a great growing business where we not only just launched our online meal plans, but are also getting ready to add new things to Two Chef Mission. And through all of this growth my constant work work work flow has brought me to the flow of “if you aren’t going to take time to relax then I’m going to make you do it”.

So now to get on with the point of this post, here are some great ways to take care of yourself and avoid hitting that burnout and/or sickness stage. Since healthy living simplified is our mission, I know I need to follow them more, but also want to share them out.

Take Time for Yourself:

Getting the time to do the things we enjoy can be difficult, especially after having kids. The important thing is to schedule it in so that it’s not overlooked. Whether it’s a long bath, video games or reading a book, we all need time to do the things we enjoy. For me, one of my favorite things to do is create jewelry like the piece pictured above. It’s been a hobby of mine for years that I haven’t gotten to do recently because I haven’t scheduled it. I know for me that’s going to change because creating is something I truly enjoy. Taking time for ourselves is definitely possible, but only if we make time for it. Try to set aside some time for the things that bring you joy this week.


Meditation can be great for re-centering and re-focusing your energy. It helps take you away from the fast paces of everyday life for a bit to clear your head space and realign with where you want your energy to be. If it’s something you’ve never tried, it’s definitely worth giving a shot. There are a variety of apps or videos of varying lengths to try to see which meditation you connect with.

Stay Active:

Working out not only keeps you physically fit, but it also helps your energy, mood and mental health. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that it is a great way to keep yourself motivated and away from burnout. One of the best things about it is it’s free. From going for walks to doing free online workouts in your back yard, staying active is achievable for anyone. I know for me this is a big area that I haven’t fully gotten back into since Wyatt was born, but it’s one area that Tony and I have been working on.

Make Time for Fun:

As you saw above, I’m not good at taking breaks, so a lot of the time Tony has to talk me into taking a day or even just a few hours to have some family fun. Some of our favorite things are taking Wyatt to the park, swimming or heading to the beach (a great benefit of living in Florida!). Setting aside time for fun is majorly important. It changes your energy, mood, and scenery which gets you out of your head and in play mode. Getting that break can be so important because it may just push you past a block you’ve been feeling. I know it has worked for me when my creative energy is missing.

Celebrate the Small Things (Not Just the Big Stuff):

This one is big because it’s not just the big things that will keep us going. In fact, the big things can sometimes seem so far away that we quit before we get there. Little steps and goals are hit all the time, but get overlooked because we aren’t seeing them correctly. Whether you got your first sale in business or made it through your first week as a new parent there is something to celebrate, so make sure you do. While we should celebrate all the mini wins we should also celebrate our “fails” too. This may sound crazy but in order to get anywhere we have to fail in some areas, but instead of it pushing you back just fail forward and celebrate what is to come next. Before long as we celebrate all the small wins and loses we get to the big stuff!

I hope you enjoyed reading this weeks post! If you can take a moment and comment on some things that you do to take care of yourself and avoid burnout.

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