Life is Crazy

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a bit since I posted. It’s amazing how easily time can be taken up by such a few things and how quickly our days get filled to the brim with tasks we weren’t expecting. For us that has been the past few weeks. Whether it’s dealing with day to day errands that come up, to added on business projects something has seemed to “get in the way” so to speak with getting writing done. Since becoming parents last October Tony and I have been working to navigate this new norm. While we love being parents I think we can all agree that life gets pretty crazy.

Now that it’s been 9 months we have started to feel more practiced in our parental roles, only for a growth spurt to come as well as more teeth. With this, a fussy baby fighting sleep has arrived in our lives. We have also hit a phase of “all I want is mom!”, making creating content for a business even rougher. With all this sometimes it feels like when will it get more normal? The answer we of course know is probably never, but we know it will get to a more manageable place for a work life balance eventually.

I know up to now this post has seemed a bit of a downer and of course it isn’t all that. We’ve had a lot of high points as a work from home business. Getting to see all the firsts has been so great that I know I can speak for both Tony and I when I say that we would do it all and go through all the challenges of working at home again and again to keep these experiences. For us just getting the balance has been a bit hectic.

With creating balance as a focus for us as parents, we know it’s something others can connect with as well. That is how we have grown and created our business. Our goal has always been to simplify a healthy lifestyle for our clients and we have done this through being personal chefs. For us though this wasn’t enough. Not everyone can have a personal chef, nor can we take on the amount of clients we would want to help on in that fashion. This is how we got here, with a blog and now our meal plan site 10 Minute Meal Plans. With an online outlet we have been able to offer tips, recipes, and guidance in cooking to so many more than we ever could in person.

Getting a bit more into our online meal plans, we want to focus a bit one why we made them and who they are for. When Wyatt came around we were prepared for a good amount, but we were not prepared for a lot. We had days on days on days of laundry, a house that hadn’t been vacuumed for weeks, and dishes to clean that grew and never shrank. And lets not even talk about taking care of ourselves because that was almost non existent (check out Tony’s crazy hair below, lol). One area we were pretty ok in was meals. Because we had our meal delivery/personal chef clients we were able to just fit ourselves into our own service and that SAVED us from the stress of additional cooking. That being said we saw an area that we could help others like us that may not have the resources we had at the time. This brought 10 Minute Meal Plans into the forefront for us to create for families to have access to menus, recipes, shopping lists and videos all in one place. We also made sure to keep it at a price that really anyone can cover. Now for who this plan is for seems pretty clear that families are in the front, but busy professionals have also found huge value in menus planned for them as well.

Things here at Two Chef Mission are also continuing to grow! We are working on adding in planning for meals and help postpartum and Tony is working to make a dad boot camp class. While things grow online we are also excited for some events we are cooking for in the next few months. I will also be here for more writing, so keep an eye out for more posts about everything to come.

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  1. Bright Lights of America says:

    It sounds like you’ve both really been busy! It must be great to be able to work from home and experience all of Wyatt’s firsts, but at the same time, I guess there’s not much escape from home and the neverending cycle of dishes and laundry and cleaning. But you’ve got some exciting things happening on the horizon as well 🙂 Best of luck with the 10 minute meal plans, I’ll be back to check them out.

    1. It is definitely worth all the challenges to be able to work from home.

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