Welcome to our blog!

We’ve created this to share our story and passion for a healthy lifestyle. From tips on all things kitchen to a healthy living simplified we’ve got you covered.

With that let me tell you a little about us. I’m Melissa, co-creater of Two Chef Mission. My passion in culinary started in high school and led me to achieving a bachelors degree from the Art Institute. From there I went to Disney World to continue my career where I worked in a number of kitchens and met Tony, the “Two” part of Two Chef Mission.

Tony jumped right into the industry out of high school and gained his food knowledge through experience. From mom and pop places to Disney he grew his skills in the kitchen as well has his passion for creating.

Making Two Chef Mission has not only helped us expand our own creativity, but has also helped us reach people looking to have a more streamlined healthy living. Through exploring a variety of recipes, flavors and cuisines we find tips and tricks to make recipes that are simple, easy, and delicious.

We just had a baby so we are getting used to being new parents while also growing our business. Life has gotten a bit crazy but it’s our kind of crazy’s since it brought us Wyatt.

With all this in mind our blog is here to offer a variety of resources to help you grow your Healthy Living Simplified. We are here for you so any topics we can cover that would interest you or questions we can answer please don’t be shy and ask.

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