Two Chef Mission Update

It’s definitely been a while since we posted, so as you can probably guess a number of things have changed. That being said, this post will be both an update on what has been going on with us as well as getting back into posting more regularly.

First let’s start with a bit about who Two Chef Mission is if this is the first you are reading from us. Our names are Melissa and Tony and we started Two Chef Mission in 2017. From the beginning we have had the goal of teaching how simple healthy living can be. Both of us have 10 plus years each in the culinary industry, so as you can imagine our focus is on cooking. Our goal is to get families in the kitchen making home cooked meals and experiencing life together. Whether you are an experienced chef or brand new to cooking, we make recipes anyone can follow. We also offer tips and videos to help out along the way. Our vision is to grow cooking at home into something that can be fun and creative instead of a chore and boring.

Please join us in growing more confident in the kitchen by following us here and on any of our social media platforms, and of course keep reading to see what’s been going on. We would also love it if you would share us out, because the more you share us out the more we are seen and the more people we can help!

10 Minute Meal Plans

Life is crazy, we can attest to this as parents of a year and a half old. Because of this we have tried to make meal planning a bit easier with 10 Minute Meal Plans. We work to lower the chore of recipe searching by putting menus together to help best utilize the ingredients bought by you. Shopping lists for the menus make it easy to either shop on your own or put in your order online. Our recipes are always changing so that you get variety without having to search all over the place. The recipes are also simple enough for any experience level. All of this said, the idea is that in 10 minutes you can pick a menu, have the shopping list, all the recipes, and a plan for the week. Think this sounds like something to try out? Check it out here!

We Got Featured

Check out this Orlando Date Night Guide article Two Chef Mission was featured in!

Our Vlog

We have been talking about starting this for a while and now we have. We want everyone to be able to get to see more into who we are and what we do. Our slice of life videos can be found on our youtube channel.


If you are on Pinterest and you haven’t seen our boards, please go check them out. We are working on growing our following so that more of our recipes can be seen.

Future Projects

While there are already a number of things we are doing, Two Chef Mission is always in a growth stage. We recently started working on growing a garden, so we will be updating more on that as it grows and adapts into our future box garden. We have also been in talks of creating a cookbook, so let us know what you would like to see in one or some of your favorite things to see in them. Being featured in Orlando Date Night Guide was something super exciting for us and we are looking to grow our features, so if there are any podcasts looking for guests we would love to be connected.

That about wraps it up for now, but keep up with us by following here and sharing us out. We are so excited to see what the rest of 2020 has in store for us (we all know its been pretty crazy thus far).

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