Rolling Into Winter

Below will be the recipes and shopping list sets per the serving size you need. There will be servings of 2, 4, and 6. We hope you enjoy the recipes! If you have any dietary needs you can find some tips on adjusting the recipes in the notes for recipes.

Notes for the Recipes:

Caesar Slaw: For gluten free leave out the croutons. For vegetarian leave out the chicken and make sure you use a caesar dressing without anchovies.

Cabbage Soup: For vegetarian leave out the ham hock.

Winter Burger: For low carb replace the wedge potatoes with rutabaga or turnip and take the burger bun out. For gluten free use a gluten free bun.

Rigatone Bolognese: For gluten free use a lentil or chickpea pasta. For low carb use a veggie noodles or julienned vegetables.