Mediterranean Flavors

Below will be the recipes and shopping list sets per the serving size you need. There will be servings of 2, 4, and 6. We hope you enjoy the recipes! If you have any dietary needs you can find some tips on adjusting the recipes in the notes for recipes.

Notes for the Recipes:

For this weeks menu some of the items will be made within the same recipe. The vinaigrette made for the Quinoa Bowl will also be used for the side salads for the burgers.

Quinoa Bowl : remember the dressing for this dish will also be used in the burger dish.

Open Face Burgers: for Low Carb take out the pita and have extra salad, for gluten free use a gluten free pita or wrap instead.

Chicken Kebabs: for Low Carb replace the rice with extra veggies.

Seared White Fish: for Low Carb you can replace the bean puree with cauliflower puree.

White Bean Soup: for Low Carb take the beans out and add in more veggies as well as cauliflower.