Menu 3

Below will be the recipes and shopping list sets per the serving size you need. There will be servings of 2, 4, and 6. We hope you enjoy the recipes! If you have any dietary needs you can find some tips on adjusting the recipes in the notes for recipes.

Notes for the Recipes:

Mediterranean Chicken Legs: for Dairy free just take out the feta cheese.

Steak and Polenta: for Dairy Free almond milk can be substituted and the cheese can be taken out. For low carb you could do double veggies and take out the polenta.

Chicken Legs with Mash: for Dairy Free almond milk can be substituted and a butter substitute can be added, for low carb a cauliflower puree could be made instead.

Veggie Marinara Pasta: for Gluten Free you can use gluten free pasta (we have found some great chickpea and lentil pasta, for Low Carb you can use spiralized zucchini or julienned veggies. The veggie pasta is vegetarian but you could add chicken to it if you wanted.